EFBE Compressors - Professional Series


The compressors from EFBE comprise the very latest technology with near to
"silent-running", and many of the other standard features of a modern compressor.
In this way our hoghly developed technology provides a back-up for the user,
ensuring a constant and uninterrupted flow of air.

All models of EFBE compressors have been TÜV tested (German Technical
Standards Authority). This technical quality check and other testing safe guards,
ensure the user that each product has passed some of the highest
saftey standards.


  JUN-AIR model 4 - Technical Data

44 l/min. Displacement
4 – 25 l Tank size
8 bar max. pressure
45 dB/A – 1m Noise level
17 – 25 kg weight, depending on Tank size

Aircom JunAir 4-4
Aircom JunAir 4-15
Aircom JunAir 4-25
oil-lubricated and quiet

JUN-AIR´s model 4 compressor is ideal when an economical quiet compressor is
required. The fully automatic compressor operates silently and without any
vibration, therefore, it may be placed directly in the area where air is required.
Furthermore, it is supplied with a handle for easy transportation.

The reliable JUN-AIR compressor is a sturdy and compact design. It comes as a
complete compressed-air package, with motor, piston and air receiver. All
components are manufactured to a high specification. This model is also available
with a 4-, 15- or 25-l-tank!

  JUN-AIR model OF - Technical Data

54 l/min. Displacement
4 – 25 l Tank size
8 bar max. pressure
65 dB/A – 1m Noise level
17 – 28 kg weight, depending on Tank size

Aircom JunAir OF-4
Aircom JunAir OF-15
Aircom JunAir OF-25
oil-less and low maintenance

All receivers for OF compressors are internally powdercoated in order to avoid
corrosion, ensuring high air quality throughout the lifetime of the receiver.
Please ask for further tank sizes.

Flexibility is one of the key features of the OF series. This range is available as a
separate compressor unit or as a complete solution. The unique design of the
compact and robust OF series is based on the latest technology in materials and
an innovative principle of compression with few moving parts. This design ensures
further reduction of noise, vibration and wear. Several outlet ports, adjustable feet
and multiple mounting positions, make the OF series the perfect choice for
integrated, customized solutions. The low maintenance is easy to handle – no
oil is necessary for these range.


Professional Series


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