EFBE Starter Series


The Artis I and II: two EFBE-airbrushes "made in Germany" which are the ideal
low-budget alternative for beginners. The Artis I and II have been built on the
basis of the Professional Series' technology as we have used the complete
nozzle assembly and air valve system of the "BI fixed airbrush". All types of paint,
inks and dyes can be used, including diluted varnishes.


EFBE-airbrush ARTIS I

Nozzle: 0,20 mm
Double action
Paint well: 2cm³
Air-output: 15 - 20 l/min – 2 bar
Weight: ca. 55 g

double action 0700.2000


EFBE-airbrush ARTIS II

Nozzle: 0,20 mm
Double action
Paint well: 3 x 6cm³
Exchangeable left/right side-mounted/hinged
gravity or suction-feed paint cup
Air-output: 15 - 20 l/min – 2 bar
Weight: ca. 120 g

double action 0800.2000



EFBE-Airbrush Easy Action

Air cap 0,20 mm 0010.0001
Nozzle 0,20 mm 0010.0002
Nozzle washer 0010.0003
Needle 0,20 mm, double pack 0010. 0004
Button/piston 0010.0006
Needle control assembly 0010.0009
Needle securing screw 0010.0011
Metal handle 0010.0012
Air-line adaptor 0010.0019
Paint cup assembly 0070.0021
Lid for paint cup (for above) 0010.0022
Suction lid without cup 0010.0023
Paint suction cup (for above) 0010.0024
Adaptor 0010.0025
Jar with lid 0010.0026
Lid for jar 0010.002 7


The airbrush for beginners and hobbyists ... there is no simpler airbrush around today. Its multitalented capabilities make pain-
ting materials such as wood, plastics and metal, as well as T- shirts, silks and a host of other items, mere child's play. Pro-
duce a perfect line simply by pre-adjusting the paint flow. It is user-friendly, too, due to simplified function and ergonomics.
Constructed entirely of metal, the airbrush pistol is tough and resistant. Its innovative needle and suction cap leave no paint
residue, while its Teflon needle-joint makes for dependability and durability. As accessories you get a variety of paint cups in
diverse designs. And on the top of all this, the combination of lever and needle adjustments will give you the widest range
of applications you can think of.



Professional Series

Starter Series