Instructions for use EFBE Modell BII, CII



1. Connect the EFBE sprayer to the source of pressure (compressor or carbon dioxide bottle) by means of a piece of tubing. Pressure: 1.5 – 2.0 bar.
2. Wet paint container with the liquid solvent and pour in paint.
3. Pull back lever (6) to let in air followed by paint. Move lever to control the amount of paint flowing through the nozzle.
4. To clean paint chamber and suction cap (1) use a soft brush with liquid solvent. Spray through some liquid solvent and allow to return by keeping the suction cap depressed. If necessary, carefully pull out needle (4) and clean. Replace in the reverse order. Never place entire assembly in the solvent!!
5. Always quote model and number of appliance when ordering spares!!
6. With your EFBE sprayer, we give you a 12 month guarantee from date of purchase (enclose receipt with date and number of appliance). This guarantee menas that we will eliminate any irregularities in function that can be proved due manufacture or defective material, to the exclusion of any other claims. The guarantee is invalidated if the irregularity in due to improper treatment on the part of purchaser or a third party. Cleaning and maintenance do not fall under guarantee.
7. Only allow repairs to be done by the manufacturer of the EFBE sprayer. Repairs are carried out under the proviso that we can destroy replaced parts.