Instructions for use EFBE Modell A, BI, CI


1 suction cap 13 packing screw
2 nozzle 14 valve
3 nozzle sealing o-ring 15 valve stem with plug
4 needle 16 rubber valve sealing
5 needle packing 17 valve spring
6 lever with button 18 valve screw
6a button with screw 19 hose connector
9 needle guide 21 colour pot for BI rotatable
10 driving tube 22 colour pot cover
11 needle clamping screw 23 rotary plate for CI rotatable
12 plastic handle 24 colour pot for the rotary plate

1. Connect the EFBE airbrush with the compressor using the hose connector (19) and the hose. Necessary pressure: 1,5 – 2,0 bar.
2. Fill the colour box with sprayable colour.
3. single action:
When the lever (6) is pulled back, first air and then colour emerge. By more or less pulling the lever back the colour ejection can be controlled.

double action:
When the lever (6) is pulled down, only air emerges. Only when the lever is pulled back at the same time also colour emerges.
4. In order to clean the colour zone and the suction cap (1) use an appropriate solvent and a smooth brush. Let the solvent spray through and gargle back by closing the suction cap (1) with your finger. If necessary, untie the needle attachment screw (11) and pull out the needle (4) carefully in order to clean it. Do never lay the airbrush itself in the solvent!
5. The self-centering plug-in nozzle (2) with the mounted o-ring (3) must in case of insertion or replacement be carefully put in the suction cap (1) and the screwed on to the apparatus. Please take care of the above-mentioned o-ring (3)! The o-ring is necessary sealing between the nozzle and the apparatus.
6. If spare parts are orderd, please always indicate the EFBE model and the number found on the device!
7. We garant a guarantee of 5 years (60 months) from the buying date on your original EFBE airbrush. In case of a claim under guarantee the certificate of guarantee and the buying receipt must be presented! Without the certificate of guarantee and the receipt we cannot perform the guarantee. Therefore, please keep the certificate of guarantee enclosed with each etui and your receipt in a safe place!
The 5-year guarantee does not apply to wearing parts, such as suction cap, nozzle, needle, etc.!
Our guarantee applies, if used properly, to all mechanical parts, production or material defects with the exception of further claims.

Cleaning and maintenance are not covered by the 5-year guarantee.
8. Repairs are to be done only by EFBE - FRIEDRICH BOLDT, Hannover or by an authorized dealer.
9. The illustration shows the EFBE model -A-, Our models BI, fixed – BI, rotatable and CI, rotatable have the same structure.

Technical alterations for possible further developments are reserved.

Errors excepted