EFBE industry device


EFBE-oil atomizer with exchangeable nozzle of either 0,4 mm, 0,6 mm or
0,8 mm. Locking adjustingscrew for flow rate. A sturdy device for atom-
izing fluids in the metal industry etc.


EFBE-oil atomizer
0,4mm 0870.0400
0,6mm 0870.0600
0,6mm 0870.0800

pistol body: nickel brass
nozzle and needle: stainless nickel silver
atomizing air: as required
connections: for hose 4mm I.W.
length: ca. 110mm
weight: ca. 100g

suction cap 0,40 mm 0870.0401
suction cap 0,60 mm 0870.0601
suction cap 0,80 mm 0870.0801
nozzle 0,4 mm 0870.0402
nozzle 0,6 mm 0870.0602
nozzle 0,8 mm 0870.0802
needle 0,40 mm with set screw 0870.0404
needle 0,60 mm with set screw 0870.0604
needle 0,80 mm with set screw 0870.0804
packing screw 0870.0013
teflon needle sealing joint 0870.0005



The EFBE automatic spray 2/2 L is suitable for installation in automatic spray equipment
and has an extremely stable construction. The needle operates by means of a compressed
air control mechanism which functions through a hand-, foot- or mechanical valve. The
installed nozzle produces a sharply defined round point or line. The fluid volume can be
adjusted by means of a set screw. Installation is effected through clamps. The instruments
are best supplied through pipes from a paint gooseneck. The EFBE automatic spray 2/2 L
is fitted with one connection for the steering air and another for the air spray.
This makes it possible to adjust the air spray to the fluid viscosity and to maintain the
steering air at about 4 - 6 bar.

Areas of application include surface technology, foundry and signing equipment, packing
engineering as well as many other fields.


EFBE automatic spray 2/2 L
0,4mm 0860.0400
0,6mm 0860.0600
0,8mm 0860.0800

spray body: nickel brass
nozzle sizes: 0,40mm, 0,60mm, 0,80mm
nozzle and needle: stainless nickel silver
spray air pressure: as required
control air pressure: 4-6 bar
connections: for PE/PA/PU-hose 4x6 mm
length: about 160mm
weight: about 170g

suction cap 0,40 mm 0860.0401
suction cap 0,60 mm 0860.0601
suction cap 0,80 mm 0860.0801
nozzle 0,4 mm 0860.0402
nozzle 0,6 mm 0860.0602
nozzle 0,8 mm 0860.0802
needle 0,40 mm with O-Ring 0860.0404
needle 0,60 mm with O-Ring 0860.0604
needle 0,80 mm with O-Ring 0860.0804
nozzle set 0,40 mm (suction cap, noozle, needle) 0860.4124
nozzle set 0,60 mm (suction cap, noozle, needle) 0860.6124
nozzle set 0,80 mm (suction cap, noozle, needle) 0860.8124
hose connector 0860.0019
set screw with lock nut 0860.0021
packing screw 0860.0013
O-ring for needle 0860.0003
teflon needle sealing joint 0860.0005
screw - in joint 0860.0006
swivel screw - in joint, single 0860.0007
swivel screw - in joint, double 0860.0008
nozzle protector 0860.0009